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I here in San Diego. I’m really not a fan of Mexican food so the style of cooking that is predominently available is not suitable to me. 😱

Get Push Notifications on Your iPhone and iPad

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WordPress for iOS Push Notifications and Swipe-to-moderateFollowing the recent notifications refresh, we’re super excited to announce that you can now get comment Push Notifications on your iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. Stay connected to your blog and moderate incoming comments wherever you happen to be at the time.

Push Notifications contributes to many Open Source WordPress apps, and we recently enabled notifications for the WordPress for iOS app. As soon as you get a new comment on posts you’ve published, a notification is sent to your phone. You will see the name of the commenter as well as a short excerpt of the comment, as much as we can fit. Swipe over the notification to view the comment.

We’ve also added a new “Swipe-to-moderate” feature in the comments list. This enables you to quickly Approve/Unapprove, Trash, Spam, and reply to new comments – it’s all just a swipe away. Of course you can…

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What am I doing…

What am I doing wrong on this blog?


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